Book review on the recommendation

How to write positive and negative reviews about books correctly.

Positive reviews

How to write a good review about the book? If you liked the work, then nothing is easier. Thoughts and emotions overwhelm, I want to admit love and the book, its characters, and the author who created this miracle. And here, strangely enough, natural shyness can prevent: the reader is ashamed to admit to such strong feelings, is afraid to appear stupid or too dull-eyed in the eyes of those who do not appreciate this work so highly.

Tip: Before writing a review about the book, drop aside any restraint and focus only on what you really liked. Each reader has their own like-minded people, and they will be pleased to read a positive article. And the author will be especially pleased, it will help him to understand that he is doing everything right and he has his own audience.

Negative feedback

Before you write a critique about a book you read in a negative way, you need to analyze what exactly caused such strong negative emotions. Perhaps this particular book is not meant for you? After all, many authors write for a certain audience, focus on some kind of gender or age. It is clear that a man who reads out by highly targeted gangster detectives, weakly appreciates a female love story with elements of investigation, and an adult woman will not understand the teenage books that she took to read because of obsessive advertising. Another point that often leads to criticism from the reader is deceived expectations. It often happens that the title and annotation promises one thing, but in fact the book is something else, not necessarily bad. However, in almost every work you can find your weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, before writing a critique about the book, think carefully: do not write insults, humiliate the author or other readers. Instead of insulting the writer, try to tell as politely and correctly as possible, in which, in your opinion, he is wrong, point out the illogical actions of the characters, the weak points of the plot. Write a negative review so that even the fans of the book were completely agree with you, and the author thanked you for valuable criticism – here is the pinnacle of mastery.

How to write an essay

From the few suggested topics of an essay, choose not the easiest, but the one that interests you the most.

Think well about the topic; note what volume it will have.

Determine the main idea of the future work; try to hold it through the all essay.

Make a plan; clearly and briefly formulate the idea of each point.

Get an epigraph, which communicates the primary thought of your exposition.

Write an introduction that would lead to the topic.

Toward the start of the main part of the essay compose the principle thought, and then develop it, complete the facts from the work, if necessary use quotes.

Follow the sequence of ideas.

Observe the proportionality of parts of the essay and watch the relationship between them.

Express your state of mind to what you compose, make your own conclusions, generalizations.

At the end of the work, make a general conclusion, which follows from the content of the work.

Correctly and competently express your thoughts.

Try to choose the type of writing correctly and to compose the text in accordance with its structural features.

Adhere to the rules of the style in which your essay is written. It is undesirable to combine different styles, as is often happens. This deficiency is most common in the introduction, which is written in artistic style, and then, suddenly it becomes a journalistic style in the main part.

Try to follow the association between the individual parts of the work (presentation, fundamental part, and conclusion). Students forget that every sentence must be associated with some element of the previous and next sentence. Failure to comply with this condition leads to a set of individual sentences that can be seamlessly removed from the text.

Use different types of sentences, which indicates not only the syntax wealth of the essay, but also allows you to transmit information of different sizes. Often, students try to confine themselves to the short and simple sentences, while forgetting about syntactic uniformity, primitivism in the transmission of thoughts, which negatively affects to the grade of essay.

Do not forget about different writing devices (epithets, comparison, metaphors).

Coursework writing service.

Students who complete their first year of study at university often have no idea step by step instructions to compose coursework. A couple of students fall back on the help of specialists and request the enrollment of a coursework or ask their classmates for help. Those students who want to learn how to create good coursework can study this article, which will detail the main stages of writing this project.

You need to figure the undertakings that you set yourself what’s more, which will be comprehended during the time spent of writing the coursework.

Setting up tasks and the purpose of writing a work are different things. If the goal is a comprehensive study of the problem being investigated, then the task is to solve practical issues.

You can put one or more tasks in the input, you can show them, it will structure the entire coursework. Keep in mind that for tackling the errands you should utilize the tools and hypothetical learning of the logical discipline that you cover in the work.

Write why the topic of your research is relevant, you have to refer to real facts.

Use your knowledge in related fields of science.

Express your own opinion on the timeliness of the study, for example, the entry into force of a legislative act will affect a certain branch of the economy, new aspects of legal regulation affect certain segments of the population.

Describe what knowledge, discipline, theory you to take care of your concern. It is not important to list the entire rundown of writing, just quickly indicate that the study will be conducted within the monetary economic theory or on the basis of the Civil Code.

Pay attention If the meeting with the supervisor of you coursework did not happen, and you have ahead of the summer period in which you could work on the topic, you have engage in studying literature about your topic.

A helpful tip.

If a professor gives you a right to choose topic, and you can not choose what you want, you have to not to be afraid to offer yours. A modern teacher always welcomes the activity of students and their autonomy.

Dissertation writing service

What is the most effective method to inspire yourself to take a seat for a dissertation and begin composing? Today I am going to tell you some alternatives of self-writing of dissertation.

In the event that you need to compose a qualitive dissertation, you should complete a considerable measure of work. You should be  stocked with patience and time, because it should be very scrupulously approach the design of a scientific project.

You should finish the accompanying errands:

Pick a theme you might want to examine.

Make an arrangement to compose a dissertation. It makes sense to consult with a scientific supervisor.

The topic and plan of the dissertation must be endorsed by the dean’s office.

Choose modern sources to fully cover the topic of your work.

Make an entry. At the period of grading, the commission carefully studies this section.

Prepare and write the first chapter, which is devoted to the theoretical basis of the topic.

Then you have to conduct a research, process results, write a practical chapter.

Draw up the third chapter, which should talk about the scientific novelty. You must present the benefits of your own inventions.

Compose a conclusion to your dissertation. You have to accurately display your own decisions

Correctly draw up a list of used literature.

Make out applications that contain charts, tables and charts derived from your calculations.

Prepare for the defense of the dissertation.

Initially, the work plan looks pretty big. You have to force yourself to begin composing a dissertation. The entire procedure ought to be isolated into small stages, which will allow to gradually make a unique project.

In no case you should not postpone the writing of scientific work at the last moment. You may not have time to develop it quality enough. What to do if you can not start writing? There is a more modern option. You can order writing of a dissertation from specialists.

If you decide to buy a finished work, you must make an order in advance. When processing an urgent application, you have to pay over speed. It makes sense to apply immediately to a professional company that guarantees the quality of the project.

Types of essays

The essay can be written depending on the author’s goals, how he intends to achieve them. For this reason, and the types of essays since its first appearance, too, has become quite a lot.

Why do you need to know the different types of this work? The fact is that knowing the types of essays will help you write the work in a certain direction, and not just chaotic writing down your thoughts. For example, if you chose an argument essay, your work will be reduced to convincing the reader in something with strong arguments or to encourage them to take some action.

All kinds of essays can be divided into different classes depending on the basis of the classification.


Scientific and journalistic. The author of such an essay should acquaint readers with certain scientific facts, present knowledge using scientific terms, but to do it in an accessible and fascinating form. An essay of this kind resembles materials in newspapers, news tapes, designed for the general public.

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Artistic. In this essay, stories, novels, short stories and other literary works, as well as humanitarian issues, are often considered. The artistic essay should be written in the form of reasoning, in which the independence and originality of the judgments come to the forefront.

Philosophical. In an essay of this kind, one must express one’s attitude to some philosophical questions or consider the activity of a particular author from the standpoint of his attitude to the eternal and imperishable. For example, you can consider in the specific works of the selected author the question of good and evil or life and death.

Literary-critical. They carry out a critical analysis of a work or parts of it. The object of this essay is to give a subjective evaluation of the work using artistic techniques. The literary critical essay must be emotional and associative.

There are other classifications of the essay depending on the choice of the basis for the distribution of work in different categories (for example, an autobiographical essay, an introductory essay, a descriptive one).