How to write an essay

From the few suggested topics of an essay, choose not the easiest, but the one that interests you the most.

Think well about the topic; note what volume it will have.

Determine the main idea of the future work; try to hold it through the all essay.

Make a plan; clearly and briefly formulate the idea of each point.

Get an epigraph, which communicates the primary thought of your exposition.

Write an introduction that would lead to the topic.

Toward the start of the main part of the essay compose the principle thought, and then develop it, complete the facts from the work, if necessary use quotes.

Follow the sequence of ideas.

Observe the proportionality of parts of the essay and watch the relationship between them.

Express your state of mind to what you compose, make your own conclusions, generalizations.

At the end of the work, make a general conclusion, which follows from the content of the work.

Correctly and competently express your thoughts.

Try to choose the type of writing correctly and to compose the text in accordance with its structural features.

Adhere to the rules of the style in which your essay is written. It is undesirable to combine different styles, as is often happens. This deficiency is most common in the introduction, which is written in artistic style, and then, suddenly it becomes a journalistic style in the main part.

Try to follow the association between the individual parts of the work (presentation, fundamental part, and conclusion). Students forget that every sentence must be associated with some element of the previous and next sentence. Failure to comply with this condition leads to a set of individual sentences that can be seamlessly removed from the text.

Use different types of sentences, which indicates not only the syntax wealth of the essay, but also allows you to transmit information of different sizes. Often, students try to confine themselves to the short and simple sentences, while forgetting about syntactic uniformity, primitivism in the transmission of thoughts, which negatively affects to the grade of essay.

Do not forget about different writing devices (epithets, comparison, metaphors).