Types of essays

The essay can be written depending on the author’s goals, how he intends to achieve them. For this reason, and the types of essays since its first appearance, too, has become quite a lot.

Why do you need to know the different types of this work? The fact is that knowing the types of essays will help you write the work in a certain direction, and not just chaotic writing down your thoughts. For example, if you chose an argument essay, your work will be reduced to convincing the reader in something with strong arguments or to encourage them to take some action.

All kinds of essays can be divided into different classes depending on the basis of the classification.


Scientific and journalistic. The author of such an essay should acquaint readers with certain scientific facts, present knowledge using scientific terms, but to do it in an accessible and fascinating form. An essay of this kind resembles materials in newspapers, news tapes, designed for the general public.

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Artistic. In this essay, stories, novels, short stories and other literary works, as well as humanitarian issues, are often considered. The artistic essay should be written in the form of reasoning, in which the independence and originality of the judgments come to the forefront.

Philosophical. In an essay of this kind, one must express one’s attitude to some philosophical questions or consider the activity of a particular author from the standpoint of his attitude to the eternal and imperishable. For example, you can consider in the specific works of the selected author the question of good and evil or life and death.

Literary-critical. They carry out a critical analysis of a work or parts of it. The object of this essay is to give a subjective evaluation of the work using artistic techniques. The literary critical essay must be emotional and associative.

There are other classifications of the essay depending on the choice of the basis for the distribution of work in different categories (for example, an autobiographical essay, an introductory essay, a descriptive one).